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Cycoder is camcoder app for iPhone.

This app can record audio+video, and encode it to .mov file. (movie file is saved in /var/movile/Media/Videos/)

Faster encode and quick shooting so fun. Apple should buy this app for official iPhone app.


You can list and view thumbnails of movies like Photo app.


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daniel andersen :

have to download cycoder?


You can download and install cycoder form Cydia.
Cydia is automatically installed when you did jail break.

Jesus Alfonzo :

I got Cycoder in my 2G 2.1 iphone and I can tell is even faster that the other application I had when the iphone was version 1.1.4 but I have a question -or a problem-.

Does anybody know how to download the video files to the computer?

The video files do not show as part of the mobile drive (like the picture), so are the video saved somewhere else in the iphone or is there any configuration change need to be able to download them?


You can transfer your movie data recorded by Cycoder.
Those are saved in /var/mobile/Media/Videos/

So, if you can sftp to your iPhone, you can dig into that directory and copy movie data to your PC. (command from Terminal.app "sftp root@")

Or, if you installed Netatalk, you can mount "mobile" directory on your MacOSX by AFP. (mount like "afp://")

I guess you can howto of these in Feature page of Cydia.

# Actually, Cycoder is a good video recorder app of iPhone, but movie is almost clipping, not on smooth fps.


Sorry for the typo.

I guess you can howto of these in Feature page of Cydia.

-> I guess you can find howto of these in Feature page of Cydia.

Jesus Alfonzo :

Sorry , I did not get it.

Could you send me an e-mail more especific to PC


For mounting "Videos" directory, you need understand at least Netatalk or SFTP(SSH).

If you understand one of them, you may know what I told you on the reply.

You should read "User Guides" in Home of Cydia.

You can find "Copying Files to/from Device" and "OpenSSH Access How-To" section in there.

Michael Ting :

Hi all,

recently i shoot a lot of video using cycoder .. but recently i updated my iphone to v 2.2 and it restore all my things ... including my cycoder video. Anybody know how can i get back that video from the backup ? Please email me to help. Thanks a lot


Just install it back and your videos will appear
in the same place, as long as u upgrade if u restore it will be over


You can find and get recorded video in /var/mobile/Media/Videos


Can some one tell me step by step how to install Cycoder on my iphone 3g please Ty


Just JailBreak your iPhone. And you can install Cycoder from Cydia (which is installed by the JailBreak application PwnageTool)

See the article in TechLog.


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