We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service.
A Tribe Called Quest

November 12, 2016

Legendally Hip Hop group “A Tribe Called Quest” released their final album.

Honestlly speaking, I was not impressed so much with most of tracks as music.
I liked only last 3 songs “Conrad Tokyo”, “Ego”, and “The Donald”. Those tracks are ATCQ-ish abstract beats with simple refs and rhymes. Other tracks are like unplugged band’s song (sounds are electric though).
I can’t think it as “Histrical Album”, but it’s worth to listen. The album is available in various streaming service.

On the other hand, another legendally producer Pete Rock teamed up with Smoke DZA, and dropped the album “Don’t Smoke Rock”.
The pre-released song “Milestone (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid, Jadakiss, Styles P)” is so dope and way beyond Tribe’s tracks.

» We got it from Here… Thank you 4 Your service (A Tribe Called Quest) [iTunes]
» Don’t Smoke Rock (Smoke DZA & Pete Rock) [iTunes]