Genial Einfach: Die frühen Design-Jahre von Apple

November 17, 2016

Apple published the printed book “Designed by Apple in California”.
This book shows all designs of Apple products which were designed by Jony Ive (Chief Design Officer of Apple).
I like present Apple design but I have not felt any passion since first iMac and also products of Power Mac Era (before Ive’s design).

I think genuine Apple’s design spirit is in the early Apple age. Those designs were designed by the design firm “Frog Design”.
You can see those astonished designs in the book “Genial Einfach: Die frühen Design-Jahre von Apple”.
In so many unreleased designs, you can find works that seems to predict future Apple products like iMac, iPhone, and iPad.
I guess you can’t believe those were designed in 1980’s.