Kill At Will:The Final Chapter

September 26, 2016

Joell Ortiz unvailed the animation music video “Kill At Will” for Halloween season.
“The Final Chapter” added more powerful MCs to his previous release in the album “That’s Hip Hop”.
Featuring Token, Chris Rivers, Big Daddy Kane, and Snow Tha Product.

I had been wondering if there were not any more new Hip Hop music made by good old method like simple sampled source and rugged drum sounds since late 90’s.
And recently, I was convinced that Hip Hop turned to the new era music which made with less kick drum and slow bpm dubstep like or south Hip Hop like sound.
But I noticed it was wrong when I knew this video.

Track is so fat. Big Daddy Kane not only appears on sampled voice of its hook, but actually raps in final version. All MCs are doing “REAL RAP” with continuous twisting tongue punch lines.
They proved what RAP Skill is.

» Kill At Will:The Final Chapter (YouTube)