Apple Pay in Japan

October 25, 2016

Apple Pay was released in Japan.

At first, I added my VISA credit card for using “iD” which is one of Japanese NFC payment method based on FeliCa system (implemented from iPhone 7).
Suica (Japan Railway’s NFC service) authentication server has been down all day because of massive access.

Its payment feels almost smooth, but inconvenient on some stores.
For example, it needs finger print auth 3 times on Japanese convenient store “LAWSON”‘s cash register.
It sometimes failed transaction and so annoys user.

I had been awaiting NFC payment on iPhone for a long time, so I switch payment from plastic cards to Apple Pay. But it still needs more improvement.

ただし、ローソンなどは、カードを認識させてからレジのタッチパネルで客がサービス(この場合はiD)を選択する都合、Apple Payの起動、レジへのタッチ、サービス選択後、と三回の指紋認証が必要とされる(かなり不便)