Amazon Kindle Book – 木を食べる


I edited and published Amazon Kindle version of the book “木を食べる: 花粉症・ダイエット・健康食品・食糧革命への福音書 (Eating Wood: Good news for allergy to pollen, diet, healthy food, and food revolution)” written by Professor Fumio Shimura.

In this book, Fumio Shimura wrote about his respect to Trees and his studies of eating wood.
The wood he met is not just a material. It is made by natural drying according to wax and wane (of the moon).
The wood cut down while the night of a new moon has more durability than kiln (artificial) dried wood. And Japanese cedar natural-dried in a new moon night prevents foods from going moldy for a long time. The result of his study shows taking that kind of Japanese cedar can restrain allergy to cedar pollen, and also we can eat the wood.

» 木を食べる: 花粉症・ダイエット・健康食品・食糧革命への福音書