Amazon Kindle Book – 続・成功するフリーランス


I published e-book titled “続・成功するフリーランス – 年収1000万円は簡単に実現できる: フリーランスを15年やってみてわかったこと” (Freelance for Success 2 – It is easy to earn 10 million yen per year : What I knew through 15 years freelance life).

The title said “It is easy to earn 10 million yen per year”, but its theme is more enlightenment for freelance success rather than how to earn money.
And after publishing this book, I graduated from freelance and founded my own company.

If you are still progressing freelancer, or struggling what you experience as freelance, it is worth to read (Now you can read for free by Kindle Unlimited subscription)

» 続・成功するフリーランス – 年収1000万円は簡単に実現できる