Amazon Kindle Book – コーダー/プログラマーのための電子書籍ハウツー


I published e-book titled “コーダー/プログラマーのための電子書籍ハウツー: そろそろブログやSNSじゃなくて、本にまとめてみたら?” (How to publish ebook in Amazon Kindle for coder/programmer : It’s about time to start not for blog and SNS but for a Book).

This book is mainly for coder and programmer. I aimed at helping coder and programmer publish ebook with their skills because ebook standard format “epub” is constructed from HTML and CSS.

コーダー/プログラマーのための電子書籍ハウツー: そろそろブログやSNSじゃなくて、本にまとめてみたら?